Aircraft manufacturing

Airline Aircraft manufacturing Companies

An aircraft manufacturing company is an entity or business involved in all aspects of engineering, building, designing, creating, testing, and selling aircraft, spacecraft, parts, or missiles. Aerospace is often a highly specialized industry concerned with designing, building and testing of aircraft, spacecraft, and components. Aircraft are manufactured using a variety of methods including manual production and automatic assembly. Aircraft can be launched into orbit and piloted by military or civilian personnel.

There are many different aircraft manufacturing companies. The most common type of aircraft manufacturing company is the manufacturer of a single type of aircraft, such as commercial airplanes, trainers, helicopters, gliders, and commuter aircraft. However, small scale aircraft manufacturers and air ambulances may also be included in the aircraft manufacturing industry. Most aircraft manufacturing companies produce a wide range of aircraft components, but some specialize in particular areas.

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Generally, aircraft manufacturing companies produce large scale passenger and cargo aircraft; however, there are many aircraft manufacturers that are capable of producing both private passenger and commercial transport aircraft. Some of the aircraft manufacturers that make aircraft that are either strictly commercial in nature, or are used for military and combat operations, include Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Consolidator, Douglas, Dornier, Enstrom, Hawker, Martin, and Pollux. Some of the manufacturers of military fighter planes include Bell, Locklear, Grumman, and Boeing. Although most aircraft manufacturing companies produce only commercial passenger aircraft, there are some manufacturing companies that build experimental aircraft, military helicopters, gliders, and commuter airplanes.

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